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About Us

The future belongs to people who will be able to marry high creativity and imagination with a hunger for knowledge and learning. We believe that the best way of developing these in young children is a combination of free and structured play, in beautiful and engaging preschool learning environments, and a program that constantly develops their minds across multiple areas. We know that children develop at different rates across different areas. At Al reem Nursery, we ensure that a child is advancing at their pace and level, not that of the group. We also believe that play is the best way to learn – even if you’re learning advanced concepts in languages or math.

Our aim in al reem nursery is to provide a warm, friendly, welcoming and secure environment where children can thrive. Our main intention is to guide children to reach the impor- tant skills they need for life. These skills include learning independence, being kind and respectful of others and develop qualities such as perseverance, confidence, enthusiasm and tolerance

Our vision is To be the leader in high standard education in the community. To provide a warm and welcoming environment to all and to work in partnership with parents to develop mutual respect, honesty and openness.

The early years of a child’s life are extremely important, perhaps the most important years of their lives. Babies and young children need support as they begin their journey of self discovery. At Fun & Play this journey is supported in a loving and secure environment by experienced and qualified childcare professionals. The very beginnings of autonomy can be seen in the relationships that exist as babies and young children play and explore alongside a close, attentive-warm and sensitive adult. The ‘guiding’ principles that underpin our Life Start Educational Programme (LSEP) come from the ‘Birth to Three matters’ framework produced by the UK Department of Education and a number of additional sources including representative educational organisations, leading childcare writers, experts and leading western practitioners.


  • Teaching Quran, Arabic and English, and educational games
  • Preparing children to pass the kindergarten acceptance test
  • Security monitors are available throughout the day
  • Providing health care around the clock
  • Developing the social skills of the child
  • (Teaching the art of communication and dealing with others)
  • Training of children in the use of sanitation facilities and nudity
  • Help the child to speak quickly and fluently
  • A dedicated hall for celebrations
  • Creative activities and entertainment
  • A children's entertainment hall
  • Your children are in good hands
  • We welcome your children from 1 to 4 years old

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