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Busy Hands Nursery

Busy Hands Nursery


About Us

Busy Hands Nursery is  A learning institution that provides daily care for your child's comfort and safety from birth to four (4) years of age

Information on nursery services and facilities:

  • We provide a unique environment for the comfort and safety of our children. The nursery has been designed and designed to be a small safe house and has been provided with play areas (covered outdoor areas, sandy playing area, Indoor playing  area).
  • Our classes divided by specific age groups. We also provide a fully equipped nursing room. We have provided this room with several emergency and first aid kits , we have a contract  with a daily nurse and a monthly visiting doctor.
  •  Online surveillance cameras :
  • The  surveillance cameras are  24 hours / 7 days to ensure the safety and security of your child , parents can access  at any time to check on his child .

Activities at Busy Hands Nursery :

We offer many recreational activities in addition of a unique curriculum supported by pre-school educational books ...


  • We follow the English international curriculum for early education.
  • The  children will participate in various activities (educational, pedagogical and entertainment ) related to a Weekly theme work .

 What does a child learn?

  • How to use the pen correctly
  • Trace /writing skills
  • Identifying images and naming objects ,animals , transport, Vegetables, fruits, family members ...
  • Letters and sounds (English, Arabic and French)
  • Numbers and shapes (English, Arabic and French)
  • Colors and coloring pictures


* The program will be distributed to parents weekly

  • Theme work
  • Crafts
  • reading stories
  • Arabic / French classes
  • Islamic education (option)
  • Group events
  • Music and songs of childhood /Nursery rhymes

3. Fun and special activities

The child participates in many entertaining  activities (learning through fun):

  • Costume Day
  • International Day
  • Healthly Week
  • Games and competitions
  • Popcorn and Cartoons
  • Cooking activities (pizza, fruit salad, cookies, cupcake ..)
  • Birthday parties/Face painting
  • What can the child gain from our program and activities?

1 / emotionally

  • Cultivate self-confidence
  • Learn to respect others and develop listening skills
  • Build relationships and interact with other children
  • Independence
  • Social communication
  • Follow the rules
  • 2 / communication skills
  • Talk and listen
  • Build vocabulary and learn new words
  • Singing
  • 3 / creativity and intellectual development
  • Express themselves
  • Use imagination
  • Discover and develop talent
  • Reaction and positive interaction
  • Play roles
  • 4 / Academic
  • Acquire new learning skills
  • Knowledge and learning (letters, numbers, words, colors and shapes)
  • Prepare the child for the school stage
  •  5 / Social skills
  • Working in groups
  • Care for others
  • Understand the difference between good and bad.
  • Good conduct in certain situations
  • Play In groups

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