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Kiddy Corner Daycare


About Us

kiddy Corner Daycare

The kiddy Corner Daycare provides a high quality of education in motivating and supportive environment for your children, where they are encouraged to develop their creativity.

Kiddy Corner Daycare is designed to provide high values of great early learning experience for your child, and provide children who are between 2months until 4 years of age, Kiddy Corner Daycare is exceedingly committed of providing the highest standard child care within Qatar. We guarantee a clean healthy atmosphere where safety is our priority.

Furthermore we aim to gain trust from the parents and children to see Kiddy Corner Daycare as their second home, and to build confidence with parents and children.


2-month up to 1-year 

This very unique age will have thier separate world, they will got two rooms one for sleeping , and the anothe one for playing and enhancing thier abilith of crawling and even walking through different tools and equipment designed for that mission. they will have thier own learning songs and thier books that build to suit thier age.

1- year to 2 -years

They will be provided thier very special rooms, so they will not have to interact with thier youngers, they will learn mainly how to comunicate, share, and play in groups, they will listen to different stories, will enjoy in the play ground area, movies room, and much more in craft room.

2 to 4 years old Preschool Class  

They will be in different classes but bothe catagory of ages will have different classes in accordance with thier minds and ability, they will have:

1- English and math class

2- Arabic class

3- Craft room

4- Reading area

5- Inside & outside playing area

6- Eating area

7- Movies room

8- Sleeping room to kids from 2 to 4 Y

Transitional Daycare : The kids will be in a transitional position, the whole day; the thing that will prevent the children from being board they will set maximum 1 houre in each room, they will have the time to eat several times per day play, learn, and also have rest if they in need

Admission and attendance

Ages of children admitted ( From two months to four years old )
Cost : 2800 Qrs / Monthly
Fee payment schedule : Daily / weekly/ month / three months
Registration fee : 1000 Qrs
Application procedure : Please visit kiddy corner daycare to take and complete the registration form

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